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Monday, September 5, 2011


So....I've been taking a bit of a break.  Several of y'all have asked why or have even hinted my posts have been missed.  How sweet....In truth, there has been such a little going on, I had nothing to say.  My  (long-suffering) brother found this amusing considering our area has, in the last two weeks suffered a rather impressive EARTHQUAKE and a HURRICANE. " What", he wondered," does it TAKE to
move you to words?"


True, the earthquake was earth-shaking, and Irene was  inconvenient in that we were without electrical service for 5 days, but the thing that has moved me to write is


There is something very funky in our kitchen.  I cannot identify this particular funk and it is driving me nuts.
Over the years, living on a farm and with three males, I have become very adept at identifying odors.
Particularly, poop odors.  There is of course the cow variety, the chicken variety, the pig variety, the donkey variety, dog, cat, bird...I have pretty much smelled them all.  In addition to poop, males have a habit of bringing odors home with them....various fuel smells, smoke smells, "body" smells, car, truck, silage, dairy, the list goes on and on and on.
But this is different.  This takes poop to a new level...
"Do y'all smell that stench" I asked on Sunday morning....
"What am I, hard of smelling?" replied a farm hand (they often quote movies and TV shows)
And so the search began.....Nothing could be immediately identified as the culprit, so,
taking no chances, I mopped the floor, wiped the counters and cleaned out the icebox.
Next I sprayed some very heavy duty air neutralizer left over from my burned spaghetti sauce debacle (don't ask)...
"Any better?"
"No" they replied..."Reminds me of the burned spaghetti sauce period"
They are correct.  It's like a living organism, growing in intensity.
The earthquake was bothersome, the hurricane, irritating, but THIS is disgusting.
If the funk is identified, I will write again.  In the mean time, I am carrying a bit of lavender around with me I can hold to my nose when necessary...which is ALL THE TIME.

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  1. Hey Sharon, sure hope you find your FUNK source soon. Didn't realize your power was out 5 days. Whew! Thought ours was bad at 2.

    Tell your Honey-Bun that Alvin got his tractor running. Lee will never guess the problem.


    ReplyDelete happy to hear from you.........