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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Banana Conundrum

Every week I go to the store and buy three bananas.  That's not all I buy, but I always buy three bananas.  When I get home, I reach into the nice wire basket on my counter, remove the three bananas I bought at the store last week and replace them with the three I bought this week.  The three previous bananas are then promptly tossed out to the chickens who seem to enjoy them.
Why do I do this?
That is the question the farmer asked me this week as I placed this week's bananas in the basket. after removing last week's bananas.
I have no answer.
  I plan to eat the bananas each week, and sometimes I eat one, because I like bananas,
but generally at least two go to the chickens.
It's one of life's great mysteries.
Erma Bombeck once said "life is too short to eat brown bananas."
She is right....but I don't think she meant to replace them with nice bright yellow ones
then allow them to turn brown.
I have good intentions where bananas are concerned.
I don't know.


  1. Perhaps the bananas represent something from your past. Maybe something from your childhood. A beloved pet, or may a dollhouse or even a playhouse.

    You like the playhouse, and the IDEA of having the playhouse, but you never really USED the playhouse. You call it yours, and you contunue to call it yours each week. You MEAN to play in there, but you never get around to it.

    I think spoiled people that are used to getting what they want...nice new bananas whenever they want them, and a nice playhouse, are the reason the economy in this country is the way it is now.

    I say DOWN with all these bananas!!! Learn to live with what you have....

  2. bleh bleh bleh...i see a little jealously coming from YOUR corner little brother....i believe i am HELPING the economy by PURCHASING said bananas every week....why i don't EAT the purchased bananas may indeed be linked to childhood....a spoiled little brother maybe, who always got what he wanted by flinging a fit, while the older sister got a switch to the leg after fit flinging...perhaps the weekly bananas represent getting what she wants now even if she doesn't eat them....neh neh neh neh neh.....

    ReplyDelete happy to hear from you.........