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Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Christmas Tree

We are not known for having a beautiful Christmas tree.
In fact, just the opposite.  While most people visit others at Christmas
and enjoy admiring their trees, I think secretly people come
here to see if our tree is worse this year than last.
We cut a cedar.  It smells divine.  It looks good....
in the field.  Inside, after being "trimmed" to fit the room
it usually looks more like a "Christmas bush" know, trimmed from the top instead of
the bottom.
Now that they are older, the farm hands go out
on the old one-horse-open-four-wheeler and pretty much
cut whatever they can find....quickly.
Last year was no exception.  F2 volunteered to fetch a tree
and returned 15 minutes later with what I thought was
a fine speciman.  He brought it in the house, trimmed it to fit the
stand and set it up.  I thought it was all least no worse than usual.
It was about this time that the farmer and older farm hand arrived.
To say they began to laugh would be a gross under statement.
Picture knee-slapping, hee-hawing....falling down on the sofa laughing.
Let me pause and say that F2 is a mild-mannered guy....In fact,
I can count on one hand the number of times I have EVER seen him mad. 
He just doesn't get mad often.
This was one of the exceptions.
For whatever reason, this knee-slapping, hee-hawing
hit him wrong....Think "The Christmas Story" movie
when Ralphie has had enough of Scott Farkus and explodes.
F2 went off.  He yanked the tree from it's stand,
opened the front door, and flung it into the yard, turned and
said to no one in particular, "go get your own tree...!"
The knee slapping reached a fever-pitch at this point as I
chased after him trying to repair the damage, begging him to put the
fine tree back in it's stand....
Somehow, the tree got back in the stand and looked just fine
after it was decorated and
while I am hoping there will not be a repeat this year, that will go down
in the books as one of my fondest Christmas memories....
and no, we do not have a tree this year yet....and F2 declares if it is left up to him
we will NOT have one this year....we'll see......

1 comment:

  1. awwww, lol, poor F1. Hopefully he's not to damaged and he'll get you one and I hope it's a darn nice one too!!

    ReplyDelete happy to hear from you.........