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Monday, November 22, 2010

Trunk Show Wrap Up

I took my camera.
I took extra batteries.
I had my phone camera.
All I lacked was the ability to use any of the above effectively....hence, the canned photo above.
The camera died.
The extra batteries were dead already.
I am unfamiliar with taking photos with my phone.....they were not pretty.
As a result,  I cannot show you the Ashland Trunk Show.
I cannot show you the fantastic jewelry, the fetching pottery, the prints, pillows and pottery.
I cannot show you the caramel apples, the stationary, the photography, or the purses.
And, I cannot show you the jams, collage and aprons or the baby duds, much less the Christmas bling.
The show was perfect....
My photography skills were not.

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