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Monday, October 25, 2010


Katherine Dunn's long awaited book Creative Illustration Workshop is out
and this is my copy!  I am thrilled with the book and the easy way
in which she writes and makes you believe that you too can be artistic regardless of
your skill level.
You will recall, Katherine lives with her husband and Pino the Donkey along with
many sheep, cats, dogs, chickens, bees and lavender on their farm called
Apifera Farm in Oregon.  She is a renowned artist and illustrator and Creative Illustration Workshop is
her very first book.  In it, she hopes her book will ..."allow you, no matter what your level of drawing skill, to open your mind to drawing as a way to share a story, feeling or an inspiration..." through mixed media art.  The artwork alone shared in the book is reason enough to invest in it.   The colors
are so rich and the drawing so charming, that you will feel as though you have entered
a secret little dream world of animals, bees, barns and fields.
I love an interactive book and one that offers exercises and practices....I have already started
a couple of pieces and think this book is going to inspire me to think beyond my
comfort zone.  I just love it.
You may order at Amazon or by clicking one of the links to Apifera's website above.
Katherine has done herself proud.

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