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Friday, October 8, 2010

A Gift from Old Blighty

Oh my goodness!  I have the BEST friends ever!   Last week on
the dreariest, rainiest day we had had in months, a little package with lots of stamps
and one of those little green custom labels alerting me that my friend Susan who lives in
New Castle was sending treats.  I tore into my little gift with the glee of a 5 year old.
I received what can only be described as a tea party in a bag....
a delightful English book, an even more delightful English magazine, chocolate cookies called
"digestive biscuits" (which fool me into thinking they are better for you than anything called "cookies")
several kinds of tea, hot cocoa mix, orange marmalade, chocolates AND a beautiful hand-crafted glass ring!
I think not.
I am still enjoying my treats so much, that I have left them in the little shipping bag so that I may
have the pleasure of taking them out and looking at them all over again whenever I please.
Except the digestives...which I have happily and guiltlessly digested.

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