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Monday, August 9, 2010

Farm and Fru Fru...My Monday Mention

Tomorrow the Farm and Fru Fru Shop will be "live"......hopefully!
As I explained in my Shopping post, My shop will not be what you generally think of as an online shop... There will not be a ton of products to be purchased.  Instead, I will blog about fun things I find once a week or so and tell you why I like them.  If I don't like them, I won't sell them. 

 OpenSky will power the shop and offers a 365 day guarantee.  I will choose only a few things at a time...And just to be clear, these are not things I make, they are things I find and offer up to you for sale.
So it's a little different way of shopping....Each  shopkeeper through OpenSky will be offering all sorts of things for sale depending on their interests and make a small percentage of each item sold.

Mostly, Farm and Fru Fru will continue to be my little place to blog about stuff I see, like, dislike, laugh at, find interesting and "glean" from other blogs and websites I enjoy visiting regularly. 

I hope you will continue to visit often and invite others who like farm life, donkeys and craziness to come by too. That's my Monday Mention for this week....  

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