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Monday, July 5, 2010

Can you hear me now?

Some years ago, when cell phones first came out, my brother, the technical one, bought one.  If you think back to those days before everyone over the age of 5 had a phone attached to themselves at all times, it was somewhat of a novelty.  My brother began calling me from odd places....mostly bathrooms just because he could.   I think the first call came from a porta potty at Camptown Races.  At the time, it was just hilarious.  I would pick up the phone (before caller id) and he would say something like "hey, I'm in a porta john at South of the Border" or " I am seeing Rock City, or I will be when I get out of this john..."  I have been called from airplane bathrooms en route to Egypt, Nascar race porta potties, porta johns at field parties, a bath hut in Indonesia, you name it...but last week was one for the books.  He out did himself.  He called from.....Tiffany's.
Apparently, they have quite the facilities.  I felt very special...not as special as his wife who got the blue box, but at least he was thinking of me.  I'm not sure what that says....about him or me......


  1. That's the "funnest" and funniest tradition I've ever heard of. I remember the bag phones. Do you remember those? Our neighbor was the Chief of Police and he was the first person I ever remember to have a mobile phone.

  2. Be glad you don't have my brother who only calls when he needs something, don't think I want him to call me from the bathroom ever! LOL! Brothers are nice, I love my brother. Enjoy your techie one.

  3. What a riot! What a happy family memory ;o) Boy, your brother sure gets around, eh?

    The only time my brother or I actually take the time to call each other is to share something funny.. usually a bumper sticker we saw. Last time I called him it was to share a "Ditch the Bit&@ and Let's Go Racing!" one. This appeared on the back of a guy's truck dropping his darling children off at elementary school (????).. oh dear.

    ReplyDelete happy to hear from you.........