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Friday, June 25, 2010


Recently, my friend Angel "retired" from teaching as her fortieth birthday looms closer and closer.  She decided she needed more time at home with......herself.  She is a witty gal and I thought it might be fun to have her guest blog here at farm and fru fru about her retirement, even though the closest she EVER comes to anything farmish is if she stops by here and sends one of her kids up to the door (she doesn't like dogs or cats) with a load of magazines for me.  Fru Fru though is another thing.  She is a Fru Fru girl. 

Instead, Angel thought it would be more interesting to examine our unlikely friendship.  It's true that on first examination, we do not seem to have much in common, but then is that always a necessity?   I think not.  It got me thinking about friends and what makes a good one.  Here is what Angel had to say.....

I think we should discuss how we can be friends if indeed :

I cannot cook and you rarely read
I cannot sew and you do not belong to netflix
I cannot garden and you do not go to the movie theatre
I cannot paint and you do not vacation
I cannot live without my DVR and you don't know what it is
I cannot knit and you cannot play video games
You cook for your kids and my kids cook for me
My kids won't be quiet and your kids won't talk
I do not stay at home and you do not leave
Your husband works at home and my husband is never home
You hate Disney World and I love Disney World
I go to the pool and you have not seen chlorine in this decade
I tan and you faux tan
I take 1000 pictures for every one you take
I hate pets and you love pets
I have no schedule and you don't do anything without a schedule
You make lists for everything  and I won't make lists at all
You follow rules and I refuse the rules
You never impulse shop and I always impulse shop
You have redecorated your house at least 5 times and I never will in this lifetime.
You read  "how to" magazines and I read tabloids.
I hate short hair and you hate long hair.
I love Angelina Jolie and you love Jane Austen
You watch Ax Men and I watch The Real Housewives
I watch Oprah, you watch Martha
I watch MTV, you watch RFD-TV
I eat something different at each restaurant I visit, you eat a turkey sandwich...every time.
I believe more is more and you believe less is more.
You always answer the phone, I never answer the phone.
My favorite TV show is True Blood and you've never even heard of it.
I read Patricia Cornwell and you read Rosamunde Pilcher.
You take vitamins I take Xanax.

So people, how can we be such good friends?.....I am scratching my head.......what do you have in common with your friends?


  1. I do have a farm phobia. I like the idea of the farm, but the actual smell, fur and feces are far too overwhelming. I look forward to finding out why we are actually friends est. 1992.

  2. Okay, that is absolutely hilarious. I am sure I have some friendships like that also.

    ReplyDelete happy to hear from you.........