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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Green Tee

Some time ago, I showed you a picture of some rather odd looking "pasta" here.  I thought  you might like to see what became of it .
I decided to try a new jewelry project.  I am calling this the "Green Tee" collection of jewelry.  I used recycled tee shirts to make the cording for these little charm necklaces.  The beads were purchased from an organization called Bead for Life and are handmade by Ugandan women who craft the beads and sell them as a way of supporting their families.  I like that idea, and the beads are really colorful and pretty.

The little dangles are silver hill tribe dangles and each necklace also has another bead or charm...some freshwater pearls or other stones.  I have decided to make a few necklaces and bracelets  and hope to sell them at some point.  I thought you might like to see them...


  1. Wow! I just wrote to you about this very idea!!! Great minds think alike!

    Let me know if it's ok if I do something similar in bracelet format (I will give you full credit of course)!!!!


  2. Very pretty!
    How do you make them out of old tee shirts?

  3. easy to do...just cut into strips and pull till they curl...then add whatever you like! lots of fun and they are a fun look...

  4. Ooh, these are sooo pretty! I have seen lots of versions of bigger, bulkier T-shirt necklaces. But I really love this idea of using a skinny strip as a simple necklace cord. I'm gonna make some! Hi, Sharon - one of my blog readers directed me here, your blog looks so fun & I can't wait to read all about the farm.

  5. welcome michelle and come back often!

    ReplyDelete happy to hear from you.........