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Friday, April 23, 2010

A Package

What is it about getting a package?  I doubt there is anyone around who loves a gift as much as me, but when you get one in the mail, well now, that's good stuff!  There is just something about seeing the mail lady coming down the driveway knowing she would not be coming in if there wasn't a package, that is very's the small things in life that are under-appreciated.  The other day, this is what arrived in the mail...and it was for me.  I have a friend who lives in New Castle-Upon Tyne in England (just the name of the town is charming huh?).  Susan and I met through a mutual friend oh, maybe 20 years ago .   We have been writing to each other all that time and whenever she and her family come to the States, they come for a visit.  She has a real "gift" for picking out the best treats...even the card and bag are cute...the scarf is a graphite color and will go with just about everything I wear and is light enough to wear all summer.  The little "jotter pad" as it is called has these little english puddings on it...raspberry trifle, queen's pudding, russian cake, raspberry gateau and ribbon jelly...are you hungry yet?
The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society is a fabulous book if you have not read it, and the cow is a tiny little print from a "...tea shoppe and art gallery on a farm called Fe Fie Fo Fum Farm.  The lady who runs the shop is the farmer's wife but she is also a painter and paints her cows....."  This is enough charm right here in this little english package to last me quite some time....Lucky me!  Just had to post it in all it's enchanting glory for you to see....


  1. That cow card is precious! We adopted a soldier thru and send care packages to her each month. It's so much fun putting these together for her and showing our support :)

  2. The Potato Peel Pie Society sounds curious! I live in the UK and Newcastle upon Tyne is not exactly what I'd call charming... but then, as I moved from England to Wales a few years ago, maybe I shouldn't say so!!

    I love, adore, receiving gifts in the post, so I know exactly what you mean!


  3. val...the potato peeling book was fantastic if you like quirky little books about quirky people and interesting wwII stories...i highly recommend it.

    ReplyDelete happy to hear from you.........