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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Winter Flower Garden - recycle style

I mentioned yesterday that I had completed a couple pillows I had been working on over the weekend...Well...there were all these little scraps of wool felt leftover...and I really liked the little bunny collar flowers so....I decided to make some flower pins.    I used those quilting pins that have the plastic yellow tabs for heads and just cut and glued the little flowers on the yellow tabs...easy.  I think this fru fru makes me happy.  I may make more...maybe some to sell...I think they would make any sewing project just a little more fun to work on...
COFFEE FILTER TIP #7:  Prevent a popsicle from dripping by poking one or two (for a two-stick) holes in the filter and putting the popcicle through the hole(s).  Okay, maybe I should have waited on this one till summer...


  1. so cute. i have been wanting to make fancy straight pins for awhile. i was thinking something shrinky dink-ish, but i haven't got it all figured out yet. yours are darling :)


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