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Monday, February 8, 2010

Misc. Monday

Over the weekend, we had more snow.  Around here, things close down (including schools) if there is but a hint of snow.  With easily over a foot on the ground, things came to a screeching halt the last couple of days.  My friend Honey has been at home and I received an email from her...Here is an excerpt:
"..I am the only one I know who loves the snow and prays for more..We are happy clams..E and I are in the midst of the 80s mini series THE NORTH AND THE SOUTH a al Patrick Swayze.  We love new fave phrase...nut up or shut encompasses every mood..."
"...I have a stack of movies from the library...I bought my own copies of The Phantom of the Opera, Pride and Predjudice,  and Journey to the Center of the Earth.  We have played many games of Rummy and Uno...lots of fun.  I had a marathon of Criminal Minds and we watched Paul Blart Mall Cop.  I cleaned out 4 drawers and 3 under the sink cabinets so clean you could give birth in them...Laundry is done, I napped, read, napped some more.  I have a stack of books, the internet, ipod touch, nintendo DS, PS2...I am blessed.  I whipped E at Karaoke the other night...I AM PATSY CLINE...Everyone is leaving shortly and I will be alone....I am free and absolutely content.  My personal hygiene is at an all time high since I have so much time to devote to it...all fingers and toes painted and hair coiffed just so.  I am filled with paradise...more snow...bring it on..." 
I can add nothing to that.

COFFEE FILTER TIP #4:  Coffee Filters make convenient holders for messy foods...tacos, for example...perfect!

If you, like me (and Honey) are holed up in the snow...check out these two sites for fun reading:  and .  Happy Monday

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  1. We were holed up last week due to snow and your friend Honey is right - it is amazing what all you can get done when you can't leave your house.

    ReplyDelete happy to hear from you.........