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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

If You Give a Moose a Muffin......

Yesterday, I had one of those days where  everything I did seemed to get me nowhere.   Kinda like the book by Laura Numeroff  my kids loved when they were little, If You Give a Moose a Muffin...

I start back upstairs after breakfast to make beds.   I pick up a few clothes strewn around farmhand 1's room, and decide a couple shirts don't look that dirty and stuff them into an already too full drawer.  While I am stuffing, I realize they are not going to fit into the drawer and find several shirts that FH1 hasn't worn in maybe 5 I pull them out to donate.

The phone rings and I take the too small shirts with me and answer it.  Figuring I might as well do something while I talk, I head for the attic to put the shirts in the donate box.  When I get to the top of the attic steps, I see that the top of my fabric stash box has popped off...could it be that I have too much fabric stuffed inside...?  surely I toss the shirts aside and pull the fabric out of the box to refold. 

Well what do you know...There is that aqua print I spent a good hour looking for a month ago, accidently folded inside a heavy quilted print piece I got on sale...I hug it to my chest thrilled to find it after all and start downstairs to see if it does indeed match the check piece I bought (also on sale) some months before.  In my excitement to research this happy development, I trip over a cat who is methodically trying to cover a small pile of cat poop ...on my bedroom outside cat, who has somehow come in out of the snow and mud  unbeknownst to me, and is an outside cat for this very reason.   This is a barn cat...perhaps the dirt on the floor  has confused the cat...perhaps she THINKS she IS in the barn...I don't care...she belongs outside, not in my bedroom taking care of business on my rug.

Flinging the once lost fabric onto the sofa, I at once scream at the cat and scoop her up barely missing the poop pile as I head for the door.  After tossing the bewildered kitty into the snow, I grab a pair of rubber gloves, a bucket of water and several types of disinfectant, and return to the bedroom to begin scrubbing the rug.  Mid-clean, the phone, which is still in the attic, rings and I run to catch it....up the steep stairs I go and  on the way back down I kick over a stack of egg cartons.  Ending the conversation, I head back up the attic steps with cartons in hand to add to the egg crate stack at the top of the stairs. But the towering stack has tumbled into a box of old tax returns... which need sorting......................

ALL day this goes on....All. Day.  At the end of this very long day, I fall into a un-made bed..... in a room that smells slightly like cat the phone rings....which is in the attic....  I give up.

(photo Daily Mail, UK)



  1. Oh my gosh you had me laughing out loud! What a story to read first thing this morning ;o) Isn't that just how some days go sometimes? I laugh when people sometimes say to me "What do you do all day as a Stay-at-home Mom?". Ha! Although, after days like you had I often wonder where the day went so quickly and why my house is still a mess!

  2. I agree with Mud in Bloom, except I feel that way about stuff online. I find one blog, then another, then go check my blog stats, then see that LollyChops is somehow sending a lot of people toward my blog, then from there see her link to your blog and here I am! I'm glad it ended up that way because your blog is cute! I needed a good laugh today too. Be back soon!


  3. Too funny! I SO understand!! Sometimes I feel like I need to put "blinders" on to complete a task! Ever since my hormones went hasn't been the same, hmmm.

  4. This is too funny Sharon (you had me LOLing too)!! That sounds like my kind of day (only without the barn cats).

    Give those precious babies of yours a schmooch on the snout (the animals not the kids)! hehe

  5. ya'll are too funny! THAT what causes this??? and lolly, I can't kiss my boys anyway, they don't let me get that close!

    ReplyDelete happy to hear from you.........