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Monday, July 2, 2012

Back to the Little House

A few days ago I wrote about our place in the country (further up in the country!) and the little house that is there.  Several of you have kindly expressed interest in the little house and I promise as soon as the snow clears, we will be back up there working and I will take a few pictures of the inside...don't expect too is old....It's quaint and quirky, but mostly it is old.

In the mean time I thought you might like to see a couple of the other delights the place has to offer.  First, there is a barn.  When we bought the property, the farmer said it was the only building on the place that looked good enough for mice to reside in.  It is situated right beside this pond and has old windows in it that are long and have that wavy glass that makes everything look dreamy when you stare through it.  The barn was full of junk...not much of it usable, but the previous owner had been a cabinet maker so there were a few fun pieces to toy with...and yes...mice.

Since the little house was deemed too far gone to use as truly livable space, and we do hope to go there to stay over some, we decided to build a small barn/garage/living area that would have a tiny bathroom, kitchenette and living space.  The living space itself is one big room and only about 400 square feet, so it will be a challenge to fit everything in...but it has potential....pretty views and means I can do some flea-marketing once we get to that point!  I hope to show you the progress as we go along.  This photo is the shell...and as you can see, the little house is just a stones throw away...

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