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Friday, January 22, 2010

Red or Green?

You know your photographer is good when she can take a tractor that looks like this a make it look pretty darn good! Another of Laura Gordon's beautiful photos... I have found that farmers are rather like men who go with EITHER Ford or Chevrolet...never both. Most farmers are red or green....We are a red family...and like most of the equipment here, once it comes stays here.
The farmer is not one to quit on a piece of equipment just because it has a little age on it...or a few knocks...or dings...or rattles...or misses...or rust... He hates to start off with anything new. It's easier and more economical to just maintain what you have and take care of it than to go to the expense and trouble of buying something new. Then you have to learn all about it and get used to how it operates, learn all new buttons to push and how to turn it on and off...the newer models are so difficult to deal with.
In truth, this always makes me feel good when I think about it...maybe it is the same with wives or husbands ...who have a little age on them....and dings...a little's easier just to keep the one you have than to trade for a newer model...

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