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Monday, January 18, 2010

Pino's Call For Aprons

Apifera Farm is a magical place owned by artist Katherine Dunn and her husband in Oregon. Together with assorted chickens, dogs, cats, goats, horses and miniature donkeys, they raise sheep and lavender, and Katherine paints the most enchanting pictures you can imagine capturing her farm's heart with paint. In addition to farming, Katherine has made it her life's work to help elderly animals and all sorts of people in need, often bringing the two together for friendship and fun.

Each year, Katherine and her donkey Pino host a lovely day at Apifera called Pino's Pie Day. She chooses a group or cause to benefit from her efforts and invites the public to visit with all her animals, get donkey hugs, make daisy chains and..... eat homemade pie! Here's the best part...she makes all these pies herself and serves it up free of charge! Her artwork and farm goods are for sale and a portion of the proceeds go to her various charitable endeavors.

Pino likes to get in on the "giving" action as well, so every year he puts out a call for aprons. These come from all over the states and the world for that matter and are sold during Pie Day with the proceeds going to help others. This year Jubel and I will be "Pie Ambassadors" collecting aprons to mail out to Apifera. As you can see from his photo above, Jubel has a kind heart!
If you would care to donate an apron, you may email me at or leave a comment here including your email address and I will be in touch. Or visit the websites below and send your apron directly to Pino at Apifera.

I strongly urge you to go to and/or and visit Apifera Farm and all the goodness there. You, like me, will come to love Pino and Apifera not to mention Katherine's art. (I received a print for Christmas and hope to show it to you in a later post!)

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