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About Sharon

Although Sharon Stanley has been writing for years, it was only after her youngest graduated high school that she got serious about it.  Her first children's e-book Olive Ann, was published by u-Tales. The Little Dog in the Middle of the Road, children's picture book, was recently published by Silver Tongue Press and she has more picture books coming soon. 

Sharon is a member of SCBWI and has had articles published in Ideals Magazine, The Upper Room and the GAP Kids e-zine with Guardian Angel Publishing.

 Sharon lives with her husband, her mother, two grown boys,  four dogs, three cats and lots of cows on a working farm in Virginia. She enjoys all sorts of artistic and creative endeavors, and blogs about her publishing journey and farm life at  Her life is a crop circle of craziness that affords her a never-ending supply of subject matter for the stories she writes.

Visit Sharon's website for lots of information about her books and activities for kids.  You may email Sharon at .  Thanks for visiting, you're always welcome!


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